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Modular motorcycle wheels

  • Design your own wheels
  • Wide choice of models, colors and options
  • Quick and easy ordering of your products
  • Generate drawings and spare parts lists
  • Custom design idea's? Challenge us!

01. Motor and sizes

To start, select the basic information of your wheels.

  • Designated motorcycle
  • Wheel size

02. Rim flange & spokes

The best part! Pick the rim design of your choice.

  • Rim spokes (Design / Color)
  • Rim flange (Design / Color)

03. Hubs

The connection to your motorcycle. And to highlight the rim.

  • Left hub (Design / Color)
  • Right hub (Design / Color)

04. Hub options

For the left and right hub, select the desired options.

  • Empty hub
  • Hub with brake rotor (design / diameter)
  • Hub with drive (design / sprocket / pulley / profile / nr. of teeth / cush drive)

05. Tires

An nice set of tires can compliment your motorcycle and wheels. Select what best suits your bike.

  • Brand
  • Type
  • Size (Already determined at step 1; Motor And Wheel Sizes.)

06. Other options

Almost finished, just a few more details to configure.

  • Valve
  • Fasteners
  • Bearings
  • ...

07. Save & load configurations

Satisfied with your configuration? Save the configuration code to easily access it again at a later point.

08. Checkout

Ready to order? Use our checkout for quick and easy order placement.

  • Automatic load user data from your client account
  • One-page checkout, for convenient ordering of your products
  • Select order options (Assembly / shipping / payment)
  • No client yet? Create your user account with a checkbox from your order

09. Export drawings & sparepart lists

Export and download the drawings for your configuration wheels.

  • Generate a drawing with mounting instructions
  • This drawing comes complete with (spare) part list.
  • Re-order parts or complete wheels, based on this drawing
  • Easy referal to items when contacting our service department
  • Also accessable when using a saved configuration code
  1. Modular Motorcycle Wheels
  2. 01
  3. 02
  4. 03
  5. 04
  6. 05
  7. 06
  8. 07
  9. 08
  10. 09

Endless possibilities

With so many different parts and options, the possibilities are endless. There is a design for every motorcycle and for every rider who wants to upgrade their bike.

A few of the customizable options;

  • Designated motorcycle (brand / year / type)
  • Wheel size (diameter / width / height)
  • Rim flange (design / colors)
  • Rim spokes (design / colors)
  • Hub type (for brake rotor / for sprocket / empty)
  • Chosen hub type (design / colors)
  • Brake rotor (design / diameter / floating / fixed)
  • Sprocket (design / chain type / amount of teeth)
  • Valve (straight / angled / color)
  • Tires (brand / type)
  • Other options (fasteners / valve etc... )

Online configurator

Our best sales tool is the online configurator. It sells the products by itself. Let your imagination run wild using our interactive application.

  • Choose from a variety of designs, sizes, colors and options for each product
  • With the built-in 3D viewer you can quickly see what your products will look like
  • Save your designs with a unique code for easy access later
  • Add the required parts and configurations to your shopping cart, with one mouse click from the configurator
  • Order your parts from the shopping cart with our intuitive checkout
  • Quickly generate drawings and spare part lists for your selected wheels

Go view the configurator

Quality and finish

The sight of our wheels makes a passionate motorcyclist's heart beat faster. From the assembly of the parts to the vibrant colors. We strive for the right balance between eye-catching design, high end performance, functionality and ease of maintenance of our wheels.

Our products are manufactured with the best materials for their application, and each product is checked for correct dimensions and fit. This enables us to deliver the best possible quality.

To ensure that our products are best protected, under all conditions, we offer different finishes. For instance, we can supply parts with the following treatments;

  • Cerakote (A thin ceramic coating available in many colors and finishes)
  • Powder coating (Available in many colors and finishes)
  • Anodizing (Available in many colors and finishes)

High end performance

For all our products, safety must come first. While some designs are more focused on appearance, and others are more focused on performance, all designs simply must be safe and reliable. Therefore, we spend a lot of time analyzing and simulating each model and assembly.

Our design team has great understanding of wheel design and force interactions. Material selection plays a big role in this. After a wheel has been designed, it is calculated and tested with a simulation tool. This ensures that the wheels are safe to use on the road.

Want to be part of our journey? Visit us on Kickstarter

As we are a start-up company, our financial resources are limited. Therefore we have launched this Kickstarter campaign.

For this to succeed, we need your help! Support us on Kickstarter, and be a part of our journey!

What can you expect in return?

  • Massive discount on a set of wheels.
  • Get Limited edition wheels.
  • Opportunity to be among the first to ride with our wheels
  • Always up to date with the latest news

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Our mission is to make awesome, affordable motorcycle wheels that can be applied to any bike, where the customer can configure their product from a variety of options.

How it began

The idea started a few years ago, when we noticed that there is a huge market for custom car wheels. Why isn't this the case in the motorcycle scene? Time for investigation! Our first thoughts where that the wheels are too expensive.

With that in mind, our founder started to search for less expensive ways to produce quality motorcycle wheels. From there, the idea grew to it's current form.

Our brand should also stand out in other areas such as looks and appearance. There is also a great opportunity in the modular concept. Our configurator offers the widest choice in configuring your wheels.

The future

Spring of 2024; it was time to start a kickstart campaign. The goal is developing the configurator, and to convert the prototype into production.

Okay, you got me... There is no us... Yet. For now, It's just me; Leon.

About me

Currently I'm working as a freelance mechatronic engineer, with over 6 years employed engineering experience. Before that, I've worked several years as a mechanic on several industrial machines. My experience lies in the automotive, agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and marine industries.

Doesn't the world have enough of this kind of product? Maybe! But we make a difference on key points;


Yes, there are multi-piece wheels on the market. Our modularity and the vast variety of options are different.

Clean designs

In our designs, we have as few fasteners visible as possible. This makes our wheels look super sleek, and easy to keep clean!

Affordable price

Because of the modularity, we buy larger bulks of parts for lower costs, thus the end product is more affordable.


You, the customer, can fully customize your final product by visually configuring it on our website.

One of the Kickstarter goals is to gather the necessary funding. We set the goal on € 250.000, which is calculated on known facts. These costs are divided into a number of expenses.


Engineering 39.3%
Prototyping 19.9%
Sales 21.3%
Configurator 9.9%
Other 9.6%

We'd love to hear from you

Whether you're curious about features, our view of the future, be a partner, or just want to send us a nice word; we're ready to answer all your requests.